Summer Jobs to Avoid

With the summer fast approaching and the flourish of desperate college students seeking out jobs like a swarm of ant’s on an ice cream cone, it is only fitting that I go through the worst summer jobs you can find yourself doing. Summer is the time to sell your soul to devil and where you will find that you will do anything for money.


1) Bar work: Working in a bar in a hotel has to be at the top of the list for the worst job you can do during the summer. It’s the height of the tourist season, meaning it’s the height of the stressful situations you will fall into. From drunks’, Stag Do’s / Hen Parties’, to weddings’ and big dinners: your ass is on the line. Also, having to deal with complaints when you have a million other things to do is the epitome of an acting masterclass. And don’t get me started on the snob’s that order cocktails…

2) Waitressing: Second most stressful job you could have during the summer. Like bar work, tourists are flocking left, right and centre and what more do they want than to fill up before their journeys. It is your job to understand what they are saying (can be harder than you think – especially if you are hard of hearing to begin with!), get their order to them on time and clean up afterwards, ready for the next lot to come and shit all over your day. And sometimes literally, if the baby chair is out…

3) Cleaning: It’s hard enough to want to clean your own room, let alone someone else’s house or hotel room. Toilet’s and bin’s full of unmentionable things are really not what you had hoped for when you pictured your long, summer holiday in the sun. And the smell and flies from the warmer temperatures will make for a ‘who cannot vomit for the longest’ challenge.

4) Child-minding: Whilst it isn’t just a summer job, you will find that you may get more opportunities to look after children now that your days are free and parents are crying out for someone to give their wallets a break from crèche prices. You better get used to screaming, crying and dirty nappies. And get the ear plugs ready for when you feel the need to throw on Peppa Pig.

5) Door to Door Sales: From walking tirelessly through estates for the day to trying to get someone to give you chance to finish your rehearsed speech; you will be caught in the thick of it. You will have to get used to making a fool of yourself (I’m used to it)and being rejected on a minute by minute basis (even more used to it) when no one wants to hear what you have to say. Just remember if the worst comes to the worst, you will probably get fired. And that wouldn’t be the worst thing in the world.

So there you have it: summer can cause us to not think rationally because we are so desperate to go on holidays and build our finances up for the next college year, that we will do anything for money. At least you can say it is only for 4 months and that you will never see the assholes customers again. Until next year…




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