Generation Y surveyed over 1,000 students last week. The survey, which focused on college experiences during Covid, the impact the pandemic has had on young people’s mental health and social life revealed some surprising results.


According to the survey, 67% of students said that they are receiving unfair treatment by the Government and over 80% believe the Irish public have unfairly blamed young people for the rise in Covid-19 cases. 

However, 69% of students declared that they have not ignored any Government guidelines, with 70% stating that the Government was right to move to Level 5. Furthermore, some 85% of young people have not attended house parties during the crisis. Spokesperson for Generation Y Colman Byrne said “Out of the 15% who did go to house parties, 7% said they attended no more than three house parties during the summer months when Government restrictions allowed 5-6 people in our back gardens. We were all going to friend’s gardens in the summertime in order to socialise, not just young people”. 

The results show that despite taking the guidelines seriously and complying with restrictions 79% of young people feel undervalued living in Ireland during this crisis.

Missing Out on College

On the subject of life at third level, 93% of students feel they are missing out on the college life experience. In fact, 88% of students miss the social aspect of college and as a result it has affected 77% of students’ mental health. Students have experienced a great sense of loneliness and isolation as well as an increased level of anxiety, with 59% of students suggesting that there should be an increased awareness of mental health support services from their colleges. 

Students feel that the online college experience is not the same as in person lectures/tutorials and 65% said that the educational quality of lectures has decreased. As a result of Covid-19 71% of students are living at home with 70% unable to avail of their on-campus college facilities. 94% stated that college fees should be reduced as the majority of students are only receiving a small portion of what their college has to offer. 

Students nationwide were given access to the survey via email and social media operated by student website,

More Statistics from the Survey:

  • 86% believe that the Irish government were unprepared for the return of third-level students.
  • 70% of students do not think that the allocated €250 for technical equipment in Budget 2021 is enough.
  • 69% of students say that their alcohol intake has not increased since the COVID-19 pandemic.
  • 64% of students said that young people need to be directly targeted in public health messaging.
  • 61% of students would consider emigrating as a result of the negative impact that COVID-19 has had on Ireland’s economy.

Survey Audience

Generation Y’s survey was carried out online via SurveyMonkey between the 23rd-30th October 2020. Results are based on a sample size of over 1,000 students nationwide across Ireland, ranging in ages from 17-24. 

About Generation Y 

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