2020 has been a wild ride that has brought us ever closer to a cyberpunk dystopia.

What’s cyberpunk? High-tech in low-life is the short definition according to the Blade Runner Documentary: Dangerous Days. Other movies that are example of this aesthetic are The Matrix, Read Player One, and Akira. Here’s 5 times 2020 reminded us of cyberpunk.

  1. Flying Police Motorcycle

Flying cars are a staple of sci-fi depictions of the future. That future might be closer than you think. Here’s a clip of Dubai’s Police training on flying motorcycles earlier this year.

2. Auto Face Mask – Ben Heck

DIY communities of the internet are never short of amazing when it comes to things like cosplay, but Ben Heck has blurred the lines between cosplay and slick tech with his automatic face mask.

3. Disinfection Gates

Last week, 1000 soccer fans were asked to go through a disinfection gate at Windsor park before a soccer match.

No Title

The ‘disinfecting pod’ here at Windsor Park welcomes some of the 1000 Northern Ireland fans allowed inside for tonight’s huge Euro qualifying play-off final v Slovakia. pic.twitter.com/l7XhDAc8Kx

4. Space X Going to Space Weeks After Riots and Forrest Fires

Look at these two photos and tell me this doesn’t look like Interstellar, the movie about humans looking for a new planet to live on because ours is toast.

5. Biovyzer 1.0 – Vyzer Technologies

This thing that makes you look like a sci-fi Teletubby.

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