A 21 year-old man is seeking legal action against well-known Dublin nightclub Copper Face Jacks when he failed to ‘get the shift’ on Saturday the 29th of June.

Brian O’Donnell, with an address of Mulview park Clondalkin, spent an entire night creeping on girls with friend, Brian Murphy, and failed to get any shift for the entire night.

In his action against the Harcourt St nightclub, the plaintiff claimed that ‘getting the shift’ was the sole reason for attending the premises and called for grounds of false advertising and misleading the consumer into visiting the venue.

Mr O Donnell told the High Court that the females in the premises were “awful hard work” and that many were “up their own hole” when O Donnell and Murphy approached them or danced towards them in their direction. O Donnell’s complaints also rest on the level of lighting during the night he was present, and deemed it ‘slightly brighter than usual.’

Mr Justice Sean Ryan ruled today that this was an “unfortunate” accident and is assessing whether Mr O’Donnell’s complaints could be attributed to the venue and whether the nightclub is negligent.

While the level of female entrants to the nightclub was under the defendant’s control, the dancing activity and pick up lines from Mr O’Donnell and Mr Murphy was not and it was possible the incident lied solely on the plaintiff, the Court heard.

The case is still pending a full investigation of the incident, while both parties are appealing for witnesses to clarify exactly what happened.