Someone posts a picture of their meal, it’s sausages and half-cooked spuds drenched in watery gravy, with a token turnip in the middle.

“Time to carb up” says the post.


Yet you can’t say anything, lest you be unfriended.

You certainly can’t “like” it, it’s too revolting. So you ignore it, and it weighs you down for the rest of the day, reminding you constantly about what an utter nonce that person is, with no way to vent the fury. Then you see them in person and its like it never happened. But that wretched post still exists, racking up the ‘likes’ from people who don’t know any better – encouraging the person to do it again the next day. Any they do. It’s a vicious circle, but Facebook and Mark Zuckerberg are finally doing something to arrest this horrible trend.

Ladies and gentlemen, the “Dislike” button may finally be becoming a reality!

“The thing I think are really valuable is there are more sentiments just than people like something,” Zuckerberg said. “There are things in people’s lives that are sad, or that or tragic, and people don’t want to Like them. We’ve talked about for a while how can people express a wider range of emotions like surprise.”

Get it done Mark.