Volta, Ireland’s first, independent, on-demand streaming platform, is jam-packed with various independent and Irish films.

Titles available for rent and purchase include: Calm with Horses, the drama by director Nick Roland; Lance Daly’s drama Black ’47; and Vivarium, starring English actress Imogen Poots and American actor Jesse Eisenberg, but directed by Dublin director Lorcan Finnegan.

Other Irish classics like Once, The Wind that Shakes the Barley and The Guard are also lined up on the website.

Critically acclaimed films like Paddy Breathnach’s Rosie and Katie, the Katie Taylor Documentary, by Ross Whitaker can also be watched.

The service hosts a range of international films also, such as Icelandic flick The Rams by Grímur Hákonarson, French film The Truth by Hirokazu Kore-Eda and July Jang’s A Girl at My Door from South Korea.

The latter is also featured in Volta’s range of films in “The Best of LGBTQ Cinema”, of which there is once again, a great selection and variety.

Other collections with slightly quirkier titles include “Great Films to watch with your ma.”, “One Two One Two: Is This Thing On? Music Documentary on Volta” and “A New Generation of Irish Thespians.” Other, more classics genres like “Gangster Films”, Fierce Females on Film” and “Best Features of 2018 on Volta” are also available.

Volta is a sister company with Lighthouse Cinema, the art cinema based in Smithfield, Dublin City. While The Lighthouse is closed right now due to the pandemic, they implore their potential customers to check out their sister streaming service.

“There are hundreds of brilliant indie films available to rent or buy and lots of hidden treasures from the heroes of world cinema,” says their website. “You don’t need to subscribe, you just rent films as you go.”

Volta’s renting prices range from €2.99 to €4.99 and purchasing prices range from €5.99 to €13.99. Although, most films available for purchasing are priced at €9.99.

The site also has articles that have interviews with film-makers and screenwriters, examinations of themes common in modern cinema, such as “A Look at Sex Addiction in Cinema” and other articles and videos.