Snapchat have just revealed a new feature and it could be a great thing or a way to make drunk snaps 10 times more embarrassing then they already are… an unlimited watch time. Yes, everything that Snapchat stands for has just be erased. This Tuesday Snapchat announced the new ‘infinity’ feature! It will allow your friends to view the snaps you send them for as long as they please… Snapchat sexting just got uncomfortable… but now at least others can appreciate those bomb selfies for the deserved amount of time.

Basically now you can open a Snap and it will stay open till you choose to close it!! Think of all the possibilities mwahaha! They also announced there will be a ‘loop’ feature so when you receive a video it will play over until you close it. Now you won’t have to put your glasses on and be in a quiet environment to watch a video from your crush or the person you are dating for anything you might miss.

There are mixed reactions to the new feature, with some finding annoying issues already…

Mia Daniel on Twitter

Hate the new Snapchat update can’t see whether I need to skip through 20 seconds or 2000 seconds worth of snaps on the groupchat

Magic on Twitter

Don’t like this new Snapchat update, like am I about to watch a movie or a clip?

liam on Twitter

the new snapchat update means you don’t know if you will be looking at someone’s story for 10 seconds or 3 days

What do you think about this new feature?? Let us know, we think it’s grand just watch out for those drunk ex snapping!

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Tara O’Connell