Shot by Ed Sheeran himself, he takes the camera around the City of Galway…even though it is clearly stated in the song he was in Dublin on “Grafton Street” pity we didn’t get to see the lasses falling over outside Coppers and the local druggies asking for a lighter. Sure we’ll get over it but as usual there has to be a few ninnies moaning about something and well with the release of Ed’s music video last week we knew they would be out in full force.

Here’s a game, every time you see a tweet about cultural appropriation, Ed not being Irish or the word ‘stereotype’ take a shot of tequila.

Look lads, we are living stereotypes and darn proud of it. We like alcohol, we have more pubs than offices, most of us had to take mandatory Irish Dancing classes in school and if you dare pretend you don’t clap for Wild Rover you are a filthy liar and God save your soul. However when someone puts our stereotypes on paper …well the majority of us couldn’t be arsed caring, but there is always an Alan or Margaret who has to have their daily moan.

Well let me introduce you to… Alan Perrott from Stuff, his take on Sheeran himself lets you into this gombeen’s head:

“He’s even got the gurn of a wide-mouthed frog with floppy mop to match. You can’t fire your bog standard “looks like an unmade bed” condescensions at him either because he’s too damn small, more like the crumpled hankie you find in dead men’s suits at the charity shop.”

Ah here lads if you’re going to be so passionate about something it sure as hell shouldn’t be Ed Sheeran. Anyway he went ON one with the ‘Galway Girl’ song.

“he’s appropriated an entire Irish folk tradition. And not only musically: his lyrics are essentially a grab bag of Irish stereotypes that stops a “to be sure” short of “diddly-dee potatoes”.

Why? Well, obviously science proves everyone loves a bit Irish with all that craic, Mrs Brown and other random Irish stuff. Which means it’s guaranteed to be played in all those ghastly faux-Irish pubs that infest cities everywhere where punters deep in their cups will sing along and think it the best song since What Does the Fox Say?”

Dear god above would someone give this fella a drink… just don’t take him to a pub or he might have a hernia when he see’s the ‘faux-Irish pubs’ are real.

Beyond this gombeen, Sheeran’s song has most of us seeing the funny side.

Nigel on Twitter

legend has it if you play Ed Sheeran – Galway Girl on Grafton Street molly Malone comes back to life & turns it off

Sarah Doran on Twitter

Fran & Elmo from Love Hate AND Saoirse Ronan. Ah lads. Ed’s gone PEAK Oyrish. But where’s Sean Connery & Darby O’Gill? #GalwayGirl

Clock the Twitter name of yer one here…

michelle on Twitter

I just watched the galway girl video and it’s like he tried to fit every irish stereotype into one video

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