The right pair of basketball shoes can go miles in minimising the risk of injury. Secondly, it increases traction while you’re on the court. The following are the ten things you must consider when shopping for new basketball shoes or even football shoes for a wide foot.

1) Measure Your Foot:

Many people make the mistake of assuming they know their shoe size. While that might be the case, it’s prudent to measure your feet first before making a purchase. Both the size and shape of your feet can change with time. By knowing the exact width and length, you’ll be able to land shoes that fit perfectly. Fortunately, most if not all shoe stores offer the valuable service completely free of charge.

2) Understand the Basics: Lows, Mids, and Highs:

It is of great importance to note is the fact that basketball footwear usually comes in 3 basic
styles. These are the:

  • Low-tops
  • Mid-tops
  • High-tops

The style which suits you the best usually depends on your personal preference and playing style. Each of them brings with their own disadvantages and advantages.

3) Know Your Playing Style:

The million-dollar question you need to ask yourself is, what type of basketball player am I? For instance, are you a ‘slasher’ that depends on speed to drive the lane and beat the defender? The fact of the matter is that knowing your playing style is highly important when you’re in the market for new footwear.

The following are some of the most popular playing shoes and styles that normally suit each other:

  • All-around player
  • Speedster
  • Power player

4) Always Try Before Making a Purchase:

This point can’t be overemphasised. You must try your shoes before buying them. Consequently, slip them
on and walk around the shoe store. Jump up and down in them a couple of times. Perform a few real-time lateral movements in order to have an accurate feel of the shoe.

5) Shop Around:

After deciding on the basketball shoe you want, you have to
begin looking for a bargain. As much as it might be tempting to purchase the pair of shoes immediately, you must always do your best to hold off. Take down both the model and brand of the chosen shoe. Conduct some research. Compare prices at different stores. Check out various websites to establish if you can get a better deal.

6) Consider Materials:

The shoe material you settle for plays a big role in dictating how durable the sneakers are. If you opt for a plastic-based synthetic shoe, then you’re guaranteed that the upper part will withstand damage. Raw materials, on the other hand, provide you the most luxurious and nice feel but eventually get beat up. The best part about having a wide array of options is the fact that you have a variety to choose from.

7) Consider Outsole:

In addition to ensuring that the outsole of your shoe has a great traction, you must also ensure that it’s able to play on various surfaces. Rubber outsoles cater to specific courts. Look for the rubber’s thickness, pattern, and softness when in the market for a new pair of basketball shoes.

8) Consider Cushion:

Is your shoe comfortable? Avoid picking shoes that don’t feature modern technology. Your two best choices to select from are air-based cushioning and foam cushions.

9) Price:

Just like when making any other purchase, you should buy something which you can afford. The prudent thing to do is to set a budget and then make sure you stick to it. It is as simple as that. Avoid buying a shoe for a price which you can’t afford.

10) Body Type and Size:

This tip is especially handy for those looking to buy signature sneakers. For instance, if you‘re interested in LeBron signature shoes, it’s important to note that such a shoe requires plenty of support. That translates to less mobility even for the smaller players. A Rose or Kobe signature tends to be light and low to the ground that’s ideal for the smaller players.

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