Every year we receive queries regarding the cost of entering the National Student Media Awards. The fee for entry is merely a contribution which goes toward, but does not fully cover the cost of, the administration involved in processing the submissions. 

So, here’s a breakdown of why we charge per submission.

Each Smedia entry costs €15, and every entry after that is an additional €10, e.g. two submissions would be €25, three submissions would be €35.

Here’s a breakdown of what your contribution fee goes to:

– All submitted entries must be catalogued and categorised manually and then digitally.
– Each entry is then couriered to a shortlister.
– The shortlisters are paid for their time and work to go through each submission, choosing the best ones.
– All the entries are then couriered back to us.
– Entries are once more catalogued and separated.
– The shortlisted entries are then couriered to the category judge to select the nominees and winner.
– Entries are couriered back to the office.

The fee also ensures that the content the entrants are putting forward is their best work, and let’s face it – you are not going to throw away fifteen quid to submit any old rubbish.

This ensures that the Smedias remain a reputable award that will look impressive on any CV, and helps maintain the high quality of work we receive.

We are all about the students – we are an organisation for students, run by students, and we are not trying to con you guys out of your hard earned cash.

We’d like to thank you all for your submissions, and making the Smedias one of the highlights of the student calendar.

If anyone who does not have a college society or department covering their contribution fee and who feels it would be a prohibitive factor to them entering the Smedias, send an email to: admin@generationy.ie