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Smedias Frequently Asked Questions

Smedias: FAQ

Q. How do I apply? First step is to pre-register your interest you will find the link on the main page. Print off your application form which you will find in each category section. Send back your application, your submission and application fee to the office. Specifics about this will …

Radio Smedias

Radio Categories

Click through for the full details on each category. Radio Production of the Year News & Current Affairs Radio Production of the Year  Art & Features Radio Documentary of the Year Radio DJ(s) of the Year Radio Journalist of the Year Podcast of the Year Raidío trí Ghaeilge RSA Award …

Smedias Guidelines

Smedias: Cost

Every year we receive queries regarding the cost of entering the National Student Media Awards. The fee for entry is merely a contribution which goes toward, but does not fully cover the cost of, the administration involved in processing the submissions.  So, here’s a breakdown of why we charge per submission. …