Gorillas are typically known for their distinctive walks, enormous size, or gruff expression. But there is one gorilla that has become most well-known for his apparent sex appeal.

shabani Shabani is a Western Lowland Gorilla that has been winning the affection of all the females. Only these females are mostly human customers who apparently just can’t stay away from this hairy muscle-hunk.

Zoo staff had apparently noticed a marked increase in the number of women attending the park in recent months. After taking to Twitter to see what people were saying about the zoo, they discovered that one of their animals was quite a different type of attraction altogether, and that Shabani has a sizeable fangirl following.

While it is not unusual for zoogoers to gawk at the animals in awe, this is probably the first time that customers have used the phrase “sexy gorilla” without receiving a lifelong ban from the establishment.

Shabani has been described as “sexy”, “handsome”, “brooding”, “hunky”, and a number of other adjectives that you wish somebody would use to describe you instead of an ape.

Check out more photos of Shabani the sexy gorilla below!

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