Stationery Wagon: Arrogant Parker Gets His Comeuppance

An arrogant motorist found himself in a sticky situation last week after parking in a disabled only spot in Maringa, a municipality in southern Brazil.

As in many countries, Brazil has disability plates reserved for people who are either disabled or frequently travel with a disabled person. So when a man with no such plates was seen parking illegally, a number of bystanders took it upon themselves to teach him a lesson he won’t be forgetting anytime soon.

car post itsThe video shows the man moments after returning to his car and finding it covered completely, wheels and all, in post-it notes. The fact that this was even possible shows how long he must have been parked there.

But the unknown group of vigilantes wanted to make sure that there was no room for misinterpretation, which is why the majority of the stickers on the car are blue, but with white stickers laid out to clearly form the international wheelchair accessible symbol on the sides and back of the vehicle.

The man is driven into a blind rage, and starts angrily swiping at the notes in vain. He gets into his car, before exiting momentarily after realising that he can’t see through the layer of paper covering his windshield.

After clearing enough space to see through the front window, he makes a feeble attempt to get away from the mocking crowds, before realising that he probably also needs to see out the side window. He exits again, takes a few more ineffective swipes, and reenters his car.

While this is happening, a police officer is seen clearing notes off the man’s licence plate and taking down his details to give the offender a well-deserved ticket.

He then rolls down the window, and pushes a large chunk of post-its off in one move,and continues his well-established level of responsible driving by pulling out of the space quickly, and directly in front of an oncoming car (which managed to stop in time, fortunately).

Here’s hoping he also gets a fine for littering, and maybe even uses some of the free stationery to remind himself to stick to his own spaces.