Here are some anonymous confessions from people who have had the roommates from hell.


“I used to hate it when roommates would take your shit without asking, act like you’re the one who’s overreacting when you are like “wtf”, then go on to act like they’re doing you a favor by offering to replace it”


“I once had a roommate who didn’t know that not everything is dishwasher safe. She had the audacity to bitch about how she was being “singled out” after we had talk to her about her ruining other people’s things by flaking off special coatings and melting tupperware in the dishwasher…”


“Missing wet floors; leaving the bathroom floor soaking wet every time they have a shower, the kitchen floor wet when they decide to wash vegetables and then carry them across the fucking room for some reason, not ever emptying the bin, leaving tea bags in the sink etc etc”


“I had a roommate that would take frozen chicken breast and put it on the kitchen table to thaw. Not on a plate, or a napkin, just raw frozen chicken breast on the table. Then he’d leave for class and let the thing bleed all over the table and onto the floor. He’d come home from class, fry it in a skillet, and retreat to his room until the next day. Never cleaning up his raw chicken juice mess”


“My former roommate and his girlfriend always left condoms in the shower. He also often didn’t flush his poo. It was fucking nasty. What the fuck. We were college students. How are you in university AND NOT FLUSHING YOUR OWN SHIT”

By Aoife Crilly