1. The nights starts off with 1000 pictures with you and your friends dressed in costumes

And only one is actually Instagram worthy…

2. On your way for the party, you start getting weird looks from strangers in the street

Maybe they’re just trying to figure out what you’re dressed as?

3. When you’re at the party, you start to compare your outfit with everyone elses

You’re low-key jealous of the girls who can pull off a catsuit.

4. Half way through the night, you realise your make up is ruined and you’ve lost your accessories

The real horror of the night is what you see in the bathroom mirror after one too many.

5. You go back home and tell yourself, “I’m never doing this again”.

Wishing trick or treat was acceptable for your age.

6. You are secretly planning next year’s costume

Next year will be your year for sure!

By Aoife Crilly