Book shops and libraries are back open, hooray! But let’s be honest, many readers bought new books even though they have unread/unfinished books at home, including yours truly. Yes, I’m looking at you and that unfinished copy of War and Peace on your bookshelf!

How could we throw away all this extra time we have at home now on Hamlet or the latest Stephen King doorstopper when we could just watch The Lion King or the dodgy film adaption!?

What is it about bookshops that make us want to buy a new book when we have ones we haven’t finished or started? I’m going to say it’s a combo of new book smell and the rush of feeling like a literary bro for buying a Thomas Pynchon book when you could’ve just stayed at home at hit your head against a wall for free.

Either way, it just something nice to do isn’t it? You also might get a nice story out of it? Fair play to ya, you’re on the other side of lockdown and you’re just a few more months away from being on the other side of the pandemic.