DUBLIN BUS USERS will pay €3.30 in cash for full-length trips from January.

The news comes as the National Transport Authority (NTA) announced its fare determinations this morning.

Under the new cash fares, travelling in the capital will become more expensive with all prices up by at least 15 cent, with a 25 cent increase to the longest journeys.

The slight increase will fall inline with Dublin Bus’ new ‘first class’ travel section for commuters who wish to avail of a more comfortable travel experience. The new section in the bus service saw a trial take place during the summer on the 46a route to a resounding success.

A spokesperson for the company said that the new travel option will be rolled out on all buses soon and added that,

“This will offer customers a far better travel experience. The area will be cornered off from the rest of the bus so that customers will not have to deal with pesky paupers again!

“Each first class section will have its own hostess to help with any needs that the commuter may desire on their journey. It is very much based on the first class travel section that you see top airline companies use. The seats will be leather, taken from the most upper-class cattle that are found on the market today.”

“Each ticket will only be marginally more expensive than the current pleb class sections due to the new costs being subsidised by the users of the old sections”

The news has been well received by social media users and the capital looks forward to this new era of commuting.