Semesters are coming to an end which means deadlines to submit final projects are approaching FAST. One fresher thought it’d be a pure class idea to leave it until the day before to start writing THAT essay.

Yes, that essay. The one we asked them about last week.

“Have ya started it?” we asked them.

“Ah not yet. I just started watching The Sopranos. I’ll get around to it after I finish it.”

We’re reporting live from outside the student’s gaff at about 3 am right now and it doesn’t seem to going well. We asked them how it’s going and they held their essay to the window and said “What does this sentence even mean???”

“Did you finish The Sopranos in the end?” we asked.

“Ah yeah, it was class. Gas the way Tony pulled the gun out of the fish’s mouth before killing yer man wasn’t it?”

It is unclear if the Fresher will get their essay finished and in on time, but one thing we know for sure is that it is possible to watch The Sopranos in a week.