You might need to think next time you send a nude. Here are some very mortifying confessions people who send their nudes to the wrong people.


“Huge confession time but once I actually snapchat an approximated 50+ dick picks to the wrong girl in my contacts. Apparently drunk me couldn’t find the most complimentary angle. She just asked me in the morning if I did anything crazy last night that I remember. After she showed me proof of my fucking stupidity she said that she would delete the photos if I said it was ok that she could tell the story for the rest of time barring select mutual friends. Seemed like a fair and generous trade.” via gimlisbeard96


“Accidentally sent a dick pic to my snap story when stories were just starting. Gf ( intended recipient) told me. I could see who else saw it, my sister, and two guy friends from high school. Immediately apologized to all three, sister was mortified, one friend laughed it off, the third friend told me he was bisexual. 10/10 experience overall” via MyNamesNotAsherLev


“Basically my course was very female-orientated and there was only one guy on the course who was super sweet and friendly with everyone. We had a group chat (on snapchat) which we all used multiple times a day to meet up with people/swap notes. You can see where this is going.One day he sent a dick pic to the group chat which was apparently intended for his girlfriend. He noped out of there real quick after deleting it but about half of us saw” via L0571


“I accidently sent a full blown sex video to my friend (wanted to send it to my GF because she asked). He deleted it without watching, though, and everything was fine” via Agurzil27


“My little brother posted a picture of a really cool urinal on his Snapchat story. It was at a brewery and the urinal was an old keg. A few minutes go by and his phone blows up with messages. Apparently he took the pic right after peeing and his dick was in the bottom of the picture. He didn’t realize it until 20 some people saw it. His friends younger sister was the one to inform him about it. Ouch” via HAL-Over-9001