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This happens to the best of us and life can sometimes really get you down. It can hit you from nowhere and last for what seems like eternity.

A slump usually stops you from doing basically anything productive, so as proud as you may be of yourself for watching a complete series in a couple of days, technically it’s not productive (Don’t kill me).

You’re just not motivated to do anything, and you go about your life with no extra omph – almost like sleep-walking, but you’re awake.

As gloomy as this sounds, I’m here to help. I’ll be delving into the way you can get over this and things to keep in mind when you’re going through this tough phase.

Things to Remember

  1. You’re not alone – so many people experience and it’s important not to blame yourself.
  2.  As much as you feel like it, try not to wallow, it’ll just make you feel worse.
  3. Try focus on things that make you smile or happy, whether that’s being with friends, eating your favourite food or even just going for a walk along the beach – do something for you!
  4. This will come to an end – it’s just a matter of time and have faith in that fact.

What to do to get out of said Slump

1. Find a mantra – it doesn’t have to be long, just something that you can keep saying to yourself and reminding yourself of. For example, ‘I am worthy,’ ‘I can do this, just one more step.’ Something to keep you motivated

2. Think of the memories that make you happy and what you did when you were making those memories and how you got there then if you can, try doing those things again.

3. Exercise – this is one I personally hate, but it’s so good for you and helps you release positive endorphins, which make you feel good. As much as you don’t want to, go for a walk or stretch and you’ll start feeling a million times better.

4. Read books, quotes, poems or watch motivational videos, this will keep your mind occupied and allow you to focus on something other than the way you feel, and you’ll be doing something productive.

5. Start off by setting your goals to an attainable level – whether that’s making yourself a wholesome meal or going for a walk twice a week, do something you know you can do, and you’ll start to feel better.

6. Don’t feed into your thoughts – this is so difficult, and I’ll admit that I even struggle, but don’t let negative thoughts get the better of you. Negative thoughts feed more negative thoughts – so keep your mind occupied.7. Try creating a schedule, some people work well when their day or week is planned, and they have something to stick too, so try this and follow what you’ve put down on your schedule.

8. Focus on the small wins and reward yourself accordingly. Research shows that rewards are responsible for three-quarters of why you do things, so give yourself credit when you do something positive and productive.

9. Try eating fruits and vegetables as these are good for the mind, which in turn, is good for the soul. I’m not saying eat these at every meal and nothing else and don’t indulge but try including them in your diet.

10. Finally, seek help if you think this is more than just your average slump. Talking about what and how you feel is beneficial and talking to the right person is even better.

By Tahlia Peppard