sex guide 1

1. Don’t Do It!

sex guide 6

2. Ignore the first point. Have sex, it’s awesome. But make sure it’s consensual. Consensual is cool…

sex guide 3

3. Make sure you protect yourself… And don’t forget there’s more than an unplanned pregnancy to worry about…

sex guide 8

4. Not everywhere is an ideal location for sex. Find somewhere you’re comfortable with…

sex guide 4

5. Just lying on top of each other doesn’t count – movement is good!
(Side Note: If the only thing you’re wearing is socks… take off the socks)

sex guide 7

6. There’s lots of different kinds of sex. Don’t be afraid to explore and more importantly don’t judge others because they’re into stuff that you don’t approve of. Each to their own.

sex guide 5

7. Seriously, the answer won’t be on the internet. Use your words, and talk to your partner about what works and what doesn’t for both of you!

sex guide 2



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