Gardaí are investigating threats against RTÉ made by an anonymous North Korean organisation this morning. The threats were posted on a number of board sites after the RTÉ website was hacked this week. The criminal activity is thought to be the same cybercriminals who hacked into the Sony site last month and threatened American cinema goers over the release of the new film The Interview.

Leading cyber analysts said that the hacking of the RTÉ website showed a new level of sophistication that made the threat legitimate. An industry analyst said, “The RTÉ website has been long known for its high level of security and innovation. It’s safe to say that it is the most secure website on the internet. The fact that a foreign cyber mercenary has cracked through the walls of RTÉ’s cyberspace is astonishing.”

Among the leaks that occurred during the hacking include future scripts for Fair City, Marty Whelan’s bill for fake tan, RTÉ’s plans to make Love/Hate action figures, and plans to hide the rampant nepotism in RTÉ from public records.

The most corrosive elements of the hacking comes in the form of leaked emails from the broadcaster’s most notable personalities. One such email was sent to everyone in RTÉ from Ryan Tubridy’s email account. It was sent on Friday, 5th December 2014 at 6pm, it contained the following,

“Hi everyone,

Ryan Tubridy here.

I’m in a spot of bother because I have no guests booked for the Late Late tonight due to a massive drinking binge this week to celebrate the Toy Show’s success. This means I’m required to get as many RTÉ heads on the show this evening to fill in the slots. It’s a first come, first serve basis. No need for that gobshite Hector to apply though.

Peace and love,



The North Korean hackers have targeted RTÉ because of their Angelus segments which go out twice a day. The group said in a posting today that, “We wish you to cease the Angelus. This time of reflection could be better served thinking and admiring the Leader. The Irish are small and alcohol minded people. You will serve the leader and beg for mercy.”

RTÉ have not yet commented on the hacking or the threat.