If there’s something you’ve been wishing for, tonight is the best night for you to catch a glimpse of a shooting star!

David Moore, editor of Astronomy Ireland says: “Up to 50 times more shooting stars than a normal night are expected in what should be a wonderful natural celestial fireworks display”.

The best part? To see the shower, which is named “The Geminids”, no special equipment is needed. All you need to do to catch the magic, is step outside your door and look up.



And yes, you guessed right, meteor shower is named after the constellation Gemini. It appears to be coming from there.

The best time to witness the shower is between 3:30am and 4:00am (AEDT) when it is higher above the horizon.

Astronomy Ireland are asking star-gazers to count how many meteors they see every 15 minutes (if possible, start on the hour or quarter past the hour), note it down and email the results along with their name and location to office@astronomy.ie.