Doo doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo doo doo doo doo….

If we’re being honest with ourselves, we don’t think a song better than Darude’s dance anthem ‘Sandstorm’ has ever been created.

Of course it is. After sharing on our Facebook page how the song made New Year’s Eve in Darude’s native Finland infinitely better, that got us thinking how it really makes everything better.

Having a quick shower? Throw on Sandstorm. Sharing an intimate moment with a partner? Throw on Sandstorm. A little stressed in the exam hall and need to focus your mood? Maybe try humming this quietly…

If you need any proof of this claim, look no further than these five examples on how Sandstorm can make the most ordinary, uninteresting things into works of art and brilliance.

The list could have been much, much longer but at the end of the day, extra time spent reading this would be time taken away from listening to Sandstorm one more time. 

1. Halloween Lights

See also: Christmas lights, or lamps of any kind.

Is there another song that can turn something so ordinary into a audio-visual masterpiece? We didn’t think so.

The lights really exemplify everything that is incredible about this song; the ambient beginning, the dramatic build up leading to that orgasmic bass-drop, where the lights go into a frenzy.

If we walked down the street trick-or-treating and passed this house, the sweets would be long forgotten about. We wouldn’t care, because this is better than any packet of Haribo.

2. Man’s Not Hot

As well as being massive fans of Darude, the team also have a lot of love for Big Shaq.

One of these days though, an argument will boil over what song are we playing next on the office jukebox which could see the building collapse.

That was until we found this gem. If there is one way you can improve the anthem that is ‘Man’s Not Hot’, it’s with a bit of Sandstorm.

This is especially for the fans that thought that Big Shaq wasn’t quite fully committing to his ‘skrrrraaaaaaaa”s, watch as the mystical powers of Sandstorm turn them up to 11.

3. Accordions

Accordions are bit… odd are they not?

Have you ever met an accordion player? Have you ever sat down on Spotify and said “Some good accordion playing now is just what I need”.

Probably not, but watch as once again Darude’s magic makes the ordinary turn into something very, very special.

Firstly, it’s pretty crazy that accordion orchestras even exist in the first place, let alone suited to playing something like Sandstorm so well.

That’s just the beauty of the song. It doesn’t discriminate, it only amazes.

4. Rick Astley

It’s hard to tell who Rick Astley was singing about when he recorded ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, but if he sings it now I hope he’s talking about Darude.

The OG internet meme, it wasn’t long before YouTubers and music producers began to mess with Astley’s sultry tones, but it wasn’t before this until it was perfected.

80’s pop and 00’s dance creating a mixture as ingenious as nine pints of Fosters and a doner kebab, watch again how an ordinary song is transformed into a masterpiece with the help of Darude’s brilliance.

It’s the duet that should have always happened but hasn’t yet. Maybe some day…

5. Pens

Nothing fancy or special, just pens.

You think all you could do with these things is write or piss off your mates by borrowing one and never give it back. You’d be wrong.

This man has managed to create living, breathing art with just two pens and what does he have to thank for it? Sandstorm.

We’re still not entirely sure how he’s manage to get the wide variety of notes out of them, but we fully believe that the magic of Darude can make the strangest things possible…