People are Tweeting About Stuff They Do In Bed And the Results are Surprising

What do you do in bed?

At first glance, that question sounds dirty. And, lets be real, we probably all wish we were doing some dirty, crazy things in bed! But, Twitter has revealed what we all get up to in the sack, and it isn’t exactly exciting.

#StuffIDoInBed started trending on Twitter this week, and so the truth has been revealed! All sorts of people on Twitter came out with responses about what they do in bed that are way, way too real.


  1. The old classic existential crisis 





2. A bit of the upside down spider…




3. This one came up a lot!



4. Remember that time in fourth class, with the pants, and the …



5. We like this guys style!




6. And we love this girls style!

twitter 5





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