Any film that opens on a Backstreet Boys song is automatically a winner in my eyes.

Anyone familiar with TV Shows New Girl and/or Happy Endings can tell you that Let’s Be Cops leading men, Jake Johnson and Damon Wayans Jr are two of the funniest actors currently in the industry, and they certainly don’t disappoint in this outing.

The premise behind Let’s Be Cops is a simple one. Two regular guys, down on their luck, dress up as Cops one night for a party, and on their way home are mistaken for actual law enforcers. Enjoying the reaction they get from the citizens of Los Angeles, the duo decide to keep up the act and take it to the next level, leading to plenty of laughs, and ultimately to the two getting in way over their heads.

With just the right mixture of comedy and action Let’s Be Cops follows in the tradition of The Heat and Pineapple Express type film. The pacing is right from start to finish and the story never drags at any point, which is perfect for the low-attention-span world that we live in today.

Despite negative reviews from many critics on the likes of, Let’s Be Cops is definitely worth the price of a cinema ticket. It’s good fun, doesn’t take itself too seriously and is certainly one of the better comedy offerings of recent years.

Let’s Be Cops is in Cinemas Nationwide Now


Cian Taaffe