We’ve all heard of the deep fried Mars Bar and are more than familiar with some of the absolutely ridiculous junk foods that have become increasingly more popular over the last decade or so, but this latest entry into the world of heart-attack inducing cuisine really takes the biscuit…

Nick Chipman created the Deep Fried, Grilled Cheese Kit Kat sandwich by  coating two Kit Kat bars in flour, egg and panko bread crumbs, dropping them into his deep fryer for less than a minute, then put a couple of slices of cheese between them and fried them in a pan… Take a look at the end result…

Kit Kat

Chipman himself claims that the midnight snack was surprisingly delicious, but forgive us if we don’t take him at his word, because it looks quite revolting.

It probably comes as little surprise to anyone that Chipman is an American man, because even the Scots who were responsible for the Deep-Fried Mars Bars know better than to create this monstrosity. I think we’ll pass on trying this the next time we’re State-side, but if anyone else gives it a go, get in touch and give us your verdict.