Phillip Seymour Hoffman gives his finest performance in his posthumous appearance as Günther Bachmann in Anton Corbijn’s espionage thriller A Most Wanted Man.

Hoffman is of course the biggest draw to this particular film and he is fantastic in the role, but the entire cast play their parts brilliantly. It was a struggle to believe Rachel McAdams and William Dafoe as Germans at first, but once you’ve finished wondering why they didn’t just get German actors to play the parts, you realise that both McAdams and Dafoe really suit the roles they play.

The story itself is slow-paced and doesn’t rely much on action-packed sequences. Apart from one or two instances there’s not much action at all, but the narrative is gripping all the same, exploring how far governments truly go in regards to racial and religious profiling.

A Most Wanted Man probably won’t appeal to everyone, however if you enjoy thought provoking and gripping drama or even if you’re just a fan of the late Phillip Seymour Hoffman it’s worth the watch.

A Most Wanted Man is released in cinemas September 12th


Cian Taaffe