I recently wrote about the Virgin Media Dublin International Film Festival which is set to take place on the 20th of February until the 3rd of March. The festival has a passionate belief in the power of film and is a massive advocate of Irish cinema, one film that I recommended giving a watch is ‘Dub Daze’ which is written by Shane J. Collins.

Dub Daze” is a comedy-drama feature written and directed by Irish filmmaker Shane J. Collins, a passion project for all involved, the film is both a celebration of our love for Dublin City but also a showcase for new and upcoming Irish actors.

The film features a cast of 44 new acting talents from all over Ireland which was self-financed on a shoestring budget. Filming took place all over Dublin for 10 months and a further 9 months was spent in post-production, I spoke to filmmaker Shane J. and here’s what he had to say.

“Having grown up on both sides of the City, I set out to take a raw and honest look at youth in not just Dublin but around the country, the film explores the different perspectives of Irish youth living in Ireland with classic themes of music, friendship and love re-examined to reflect an updated perspective of modern Dublin. I found passion and inspiration when writing from some of Dublin’s best films including Adam & Paul, Intermission, Kisses, The Commitments, and The Last Of The High Kings.”

Collins continues “I love the creative craft of storytelling and I have great passion and pride for my Irish culture, Dublin is such a cultural city filled with so many writers and musicians, the fact that I was lucky enough to make my first feature in my home town and have it premiere at the Dublin International Film Festival (DIFF) is a dream come true.

It makes the 19 months of work and effort put in by all the actors, musicians, filmmakers and fellow Dubliners immensely gratifying as their faith in our small film has been justified.” The film is a product of Collins’s education at both DIT and IADT where he got to know many of the 44 actors, producing 13 short films over 7 years. “The rapid growth and continued success of our Irish film industry is a testament to how we can continue to prosper internationally when we invest time, energy and finance into the creative arts and our Irish education system. “Dub Daze” I hope in some small way can be an illustration of this.

The film’s soundtrack features many Irish musicians including Brame & Hamo, Bantum, Laurie Shaw, Majestic Bears, Makings, Noel O’Brien, Indian, Rhob Cunningham, Sammy Dozens and This Side Up who all gave their music so generously. The film’s photography was taken by Jim Fuller aka “Dirty Dublin” and the official poster is being developed by street artists Subset.

The film premiers on Saturday the 23rd of February and you can get your tickets here now!



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