A better title for this article might be “how to get free food in college while making some friends along the way” because you’re gonna be doing to some mingling to get these precious carbs. We’re talking pizza, cakes, bars, and tea. Yes, follow this guide my friends and I will show you how to get free food in college.

  • Sign up to some societies

If you’re eyeing up a society go ahead and sign up. They just need your email and 2 euro from you to keep the society afloat. I realise as I’m typing this I’ve told you to fork out some money but you’re getting to sign up to a cool college society, you’re supporting it and you get several evenings of food in return.

The way this works is that the club/society your signing up to will put that money into a kitty that will go towards pizza nights. This is where you come in to sweep up those sweet slices. The pizza night will be pretty soon after you’ve signed up to the club/society during clubs and societies week near the start of the academic year.

Spending 2 squids for pizza and a sign up to a club/society is a class investment because there will be more than one pizza night. Clubs/societies will sometimes hold several pizza nights throughout the year for events like Annual General Meetings where they vote new people in. All hail the pizza!!!

That’s how much pizza you’ll get for one club/society. Think of how much pizza you’ll get if you signed up to several clubs/societies!

If you really want, you don’t have to sign up to the club/society to get the pizza. You could just show up to the pizza night and nobody would bat an eyelid. I don’t recommend this though. The whole point of clubs/societies holding pizza nights is so they can get people signed up to their club/society, improve it and have a small income that will keep them afloat.

Going to these pizza nights is the part where you’ll make some friends along your pilgrimage to getting free food in college. Get chatting with people! You might meet your new college bestie! It’s a win-win situation. You’ve signed up to a cool club/society, you’re meeting new people in college and you’re getting free food!

  • Keep an eye out for SU Welfare Officers

Welfare officers are always there to look out for you in college. Short a few condoms? Welfare officer has got you covered. Pure starving and have leg cramps? The Welfare Officer will usually have fruit to give out to keep the vitamins in your poor First Year bodies.

  • Brands and Promotion Teams

There’s never short of a few promo teams flying around campus when the weather is decent. Sometimes it’ll just be a drinks brand that won’t keep an empty sack standing but sometimes you’ll find a granola or protein bar brand and you’ll be flying!

  • Charities

In my experience, there has been the odd charity floating around campus like PIETA house. Sometimes they’ll be handing out cakes or tea or coffee. In my experience it’s usually been in the arts block in Maynooth University as well so I’d be blasting through the arts block absolutely starving and come out the other side with two fairy cakes in my mouth and a cup of tea in hand.

That’s how you can get free food while you’re in college. The point being to just keep an eye out! Clubs and societies are always having pizza nights, Welfare Officers are always handing out fruit, brands will pop up on campus from time-to-time with goodie bags and charities will sometimes pop up and will be giving out tea and cakes. God speed you hungry devils.