When you think about gaming, whether it be video games, traditional board games, or something else, you usually see the negative perception around them due to the number of media stories that showcase the worst behaviour associated with gaming. Many believe that gaming is not great for mental health. The World Health Organisation even put a classification on video game addiction, recognising it as a mental disorder. Gaming, though, can do good for mental health and put to use as a positive tool. 

In reality, the whole premise of the perception of positivity around gaming for mental health is that many people struggle with confidence, who have anxiety, as well as other mental health issues. For these folks, gaming can prove to be a way to help ease a lot of these burdens.

Relaxation or Facing of Fear

Gaming of all sorts can help individuals relax. When you think about gaming, it is easy to see how gaming allows you to escape to another place, bring your mind elsewhere. If you have concerns over anything in your life, playing games for some time can provide you with a bit of a mental escape. This can put you in a state of relaxation that did not exist before engaging in the games.

Gaming can also help you face your fears. You could use gaming to help build up confidence, tackle new challenges, embrace puzzles, etc. This was all something put to the forefront during a PAX West game convention, where a panel talked through the positive mental benefits for gaming.

Getting People Moving

One of the doctors during the PAX West panel went into detail around some of the new technologies out there with gaming. These include augmented reality gaming, a prime example would be the game Pokémon Go. With this game, the idea is to get out of your house, to go about the world, and try and do something while still interacting with the digital game.

If you are someone who has anxiety, faces depression, getting out of the house is a great first step in assisting your mental state. These types of games are the future of how people will engage with gaming. Augmented reality and virtual reality will continue to evolve in a way the blends reality with gaming.

A Sense of Community

Gaming can provide you with a real sense of community. Even when you take a look at casino gaming and the community environment of being on the casino floor. Medical experts do not deny the dangers of addiction but there are positive aspects to it as well. You could even join a group on social media for roulette for players over 18 in Ireland or some other niche to connect with fellow gamers.  This can help you feel like you are a part of something, raised our mental health levels upwards. 

Gaming is a community and the bad rap that it gets from a mental health standpoint is unfortunate. As hit on during the PAX West panel, there are a lot of mental health benefits to gaming to consider. When you lay out the big picture and look at what gaming can do positively, it is easy to see how it can help many in their lives.

Image credit via Flickr.com