Exams and final assignments are almost over for all third level college students here in Ireland. Hot girl Summer is already here for some!

But wait… are you worrying about your exam results? Here’s some ways some destructive ways to distract yourself!

  1. Drown your sorrows
  2. Compare yourself to others
  3. Try to change things that are totally out of your control

Just kidding! If anything do the exact opposite of this list while you enjoy your Summer and wait for your results. Here’s what the list should say:

  1. Have fun:

Go out and see your friends… while adhering to government guidelines of course! Last week was our last week in Level 5 restrictions and hopefully forever, and you probably haven’t seen your friends in very long time. Go out and have some… dare I say it, FUN for the first time since Christmas.

2. Take a break from social media:

Ah yes, social media. How could you stay away with all those once off deals, endless notifications and memes. Glorious memes! Social media isn’t all rainbows unfortunately. It can also be a lot of pessimism that can you get you angry at strangers. If this happens to you often then it’s probably time to switch off for a few days, schedule a time you’ll check social media and go enjoy your Summer.

3. Forget About Your Results For Now

What’s written has been written and it’s totally out of your control, so there’s no point getting worried about your results. You’ve worked hard and Summer is almost here. GO. HAVE. FUN.