Third level students have been studying at home for over a year now. These digital natives have no problem turning the wifi and off again to give it a little reboot, but to some *cough* parents *cough* that tech knowledge looks like witchcraft. Many parents across the country now rely on students to help the rapidly changing which is why some of them have promoted their third level student, children to full-time IT department.

We sat down, Darren, a student, to ask if his life is any different now they’ve been promoted to full-time IT department at home.

‘Nah, not really. I’m getting praise and all but it kinda just feels like I’m getting more work.’

We also asked what kind of responsibilities he has an IT tech wizard at home.

‘Helping my parents connect to the wifi, showing how to use Siri so they don’t have to use the tele text anymore and then of course, resetting the wifi when it starts acting up.’

Only time will tell if students will stay in this role at home as restrictions begin to lift and if colleges reopen this September.