If you’re a fan of salty and sweet combinations, you’re going to love Flipz!

The crunchy pretzel is something we associate with America. German and Swiss immigrants who settled in Pennsylvania introduced the soft pretzel to the United States. Legend has it that a tired baker fell asleep at work one day, producing a batch of overcooked soft pretzels. And thus, the snack pretzel was born!


Flipz are bringing this classic American snack to our shores, in delicious chocolate-coated form.

This treat combines the salty goodness of the pretzel with glorious smoothness of milk chocolate.

This is the next level of salty sweet combos. Popcorn and minstrels? I’ve never heard of her.

Organising a movie night in with your housemates? Flipz are the perfect silverscreen showing snack. Pop ’em into a bowl and share them around with your mates to ensure you’ll have something delicious to nibble on. Just make sure nobody hogs the bowl once they get a taste!

To get your hands on your free bag of Flipz, all you have to do is nab one of our goodie bags.

Follow the link here to find our when we’re on a campus near you!