A young teenager has been seen undertaking a vigorous training routine for what is believed to be preparation for battling his family for the coveted Malteasers Celebration sweet.

Luke Sweeney (16) from Rathgar, Dublin 6 has been spotted in the local gym on several occasions in the last week doing a number of strength and conditioning exercises in an effort to ‘bulk up’ before Christmas.

Reports from friends of the Sweeney family told Oxygen.ie that Luke was left heartbroken last year after coming up short in the battle for chocolate, left only with Bounty and Snickers treats to choose from.

Having to compete with his two parents and two elder brothers to capture his sweet of choice, Luke says that this year will be different.

“Chocolate at Christmas is great, but only when it’s the right chocolate. I won’t listen to any fool who doesn’t believe that the Malteasers ‘Teaser’ chocolate is the best,” Luke said.

“Galaxys are OK, and it’s hard to turn down a Mars but if you don’t get any Malteasers from the tub, you might as well just be getting a lump of coal for Christmas.”


Being outweighed by both his father and two brothers by over 3 stone, Luke Sweeney knows that he will need to use a combination of strength and dirty tactics if he is going to be successful in his goal.

“I’m not going to throw a dig at my Ma, that’s just not on. So I’ll let her have one or two, but after that it’s fair game.”

“The Da, a few quick kicks to the knees and he’ll be out of action until New Year’s. The brothers, they’re big rugby heads so that’ll be a bit more difficult.”

“I gotta be strong and I gotta be quick. Sure, even if it means getting up in the middle of the night to rob a few on the sly, or even sneaking back from Mass early to get first picks, I’ll do it. I’ve been waiting all year for this.”

While Oxygen.ie did inform the young man that the sweets could now be bought in their own exclusive box now, Sweeney dismissed this saying that it “just wasn’t the same.”