Facebook is to launch a new specialized workplace version of it’s website to promote its use during the daily grind.

It is hoped that Facebook at Work will give Zuckerberg the impetus he needs to achieve true world domination.

“We’ve found that the website isn’t been used enough by people in their offices throughout the working day, so we’re creating something to combat that directly.”

The new site will be separate from the personal page that each user has, to allow them to speak with their colleagues, much like their personal website.

“If people were on Facebook for as long as they spent doing spreadsheets during the day, then we’d be able to make Facebook better so people wouldn’t complain about it as much. It’s what the world has been crying out for.” Zuckerberg continued.

After recently acquiring WhatsApp and dozens of other popular networking tools, Facebook is now fully on course to buy out the entire internet.

When we tried to get in contact with a Facebook spokesman about the new site they were too busy comment, but did like the questions they were asked.