This January, prepare for one of Scruff’s famous 5-hour DJ sets, filled with a bewildering array of infectious hip hop, jazz, disco, house, reggae, dubstep, breaks, afro, and latin beats & other unclassifiable goodies. Accompanied as always by his trade mark potato-people visuals.

The eclecticism of Scruffs early days has only increased as his sound has become more refined, his skills as a cartoonist as well as a music producer single him out amongst his peers.

In an age where DJing is now a performance art as much as any other genre, Mr Scruff has carved out a unique niche as a storyteller.

His new album “Friendly Bacteria” is being released soon, and will perform at the Button Factory on the 16th of January.

Tickets for the gig go on sale at 9am on the 21st November.

Highly recommended,