When in a relationship there are certain things that we should and should not do, if a partner asks “Do I look fat?” You should always say “You look great”, if you are drunk on a night out do not feed into the drunk flirty people and most importantly you should never cheat, but my question is which is worse emotional cheating or physical cheating? 

There are many forms of cheating but the real question is it worse to be emotionally cheated or physically cheated on? First let’s look at the difference between the two. 

Physical cheating

Physical cheating comes in all shapes and sizes it can be anything small from a simple kiss on the cheek to a full blown hook-up and it can be a definite way to end a relationship and fast.

Not only does physical cheating break the trust of a partner it also has a huge impact on the other persons image and self-esteem but we have to ask ourselves which is worse, for someone to physically cheat or to emotionally cheat, both are equally as bad as the other but does one have a longer lasting effect on one person? 

Emotional cheating 

Emotional cheating can be classed as being equally as bad as physical cheating but how can we say that sleeping with another person compared to telling someone else you love them while in another relationship is worse? In any case emotional cheating is worse and here’s why. 

With physical cheating it is merely two individuals acting on their hormones and impulses and giving into their urges and more often than not it is just sex and nothing more but with emotional cheating it is so much more.

With emotional cheating a person is usually more invested and is thinking about more than just sex for example a person sending nudes is a horrible form of emotional cheating but if a person tells someone else that they love them when they are already in a relationship it is cheating in any and every form. 

So there you have it emotional cheating vs physical cheating, now we wanna know what you think is worse let us know in the comments below.  



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