The latest Netflix Original YOU has already become one of the most popular TV shows on the streaming site so far after being released on December 26th 2018. 

We are already obsessed with this amazing show and know you will be too, here are our five reasons to watch YOU. 

1. It’s Unique 

YOU is a show like nothing we have ever seen before, it tells the story of a simple guy from New York who runs a bookstore and who occasionally helps his neighbour’s kid.

The protagonist Joe is a good guy with a warm heart who only wants to help those in need, or so we are lead to believe but beneath the good guy appearance there is a deeper darker truth that would terrify anyone to their very core but what is it you may ask? Watch and find out.

2. Penn Badgley, Need We Say More?

Not only is Penn Badgley an amazing actor he’s also very attractive and ladies (and lads) this show certainly does him justice.   

3. Gossip Girl and Pretty Little Liar Fans Will Love It

Any fans of Gossip Girl will remember that Penn Badgley first started out as the beloved Dan Humphrey in Gossip Girl before making his big debut with as Joe in YOU. Also starring alongside him are Pretty Liars actress Shay Mitchell who plays Peach and Full House’s John Stamos who plays Dr Nicky.

4. It’s Binge Worthy

It’s already one of Netflix’s biggest shows to date

 with an 80-90% watch rate match for all users not to mention it’s totally binge worthy, the first five minutes will have you hooked and before you know it you won’t be able to stop watching. 

5. The Ending Will Leave You Wanting More 

Don’t worry guys no spoilers here but we can assure you that the ending of this fantastic series will leave you wanting more of this juicy tale but fear not the show has just been renewed for a second sand we predict it will be back soon and better than ever! 

So there you have it our five reasons why you should watch You so get watching and enjoy!