Looking to sit in and have a chill day on the couch but can’t find anything good to watch Netflix that you haven’t already seen before? We’ve got you covered, here are our top 7 Netflix picks to watch this weekend while you stay inside this weekend

1. Love Actually

Sure who doesn’t love a good romcom about the trials and tribulations of relationships in all shapes and forms? Bonus, Hugh Grant’s dancing isn’t one to miss! 

2. Fuller House Season 4

The popular Netflix spin-off series is returning for it’s fourth season December 14th, the real question on all our minds is will DJ and Steve finally get together? Guess we will have to watch and find out.

3. The Holiday

Cause who doesn’t love Jude Law as Mr. Napkin Head? Talk about dad of the year. This feel good flick is sure to warm your heart during this cold winter weather. 

4. Tomb Raider (2018) 

Looking for a good action flick this weekend? Then Alicia Vikander is your girl, she’s no Angelina Jolie but she certainly tries and this remake is definitely worth a watch! 

5. Peaky Blinder Season 4

For those of you yet to catch up on this amazing series starring Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy you will be pleased to here that Netflix has decided to grace us with the brand new season so we can watch the entire series all over again.

6. The Chilling Adventures Of Sabrina: A Midwinter’s Tale 

For any of you eager witches patiently awaiting the new season of Sabrina give this a try. The newly released holiday special is a fun standalone episode that even gives a sneak peak into the direction that season 2 will go in, get ready half-breeds the witch is back.

7. Tidelands 

Netflix has released it’s second Australian Netflix original show following on from it’s first The Letdown. After an ex-con returns to the small fishing village of Orphelin Bay strange things begin to happen as she uncovers the dangers of the half-sirens, half humans, the Tidelanders.   

So there you have it everything you could possibly need to keep you company this weekend, bonus some of these picks would make for a great “Netflix and chill” date.