Awarded to the editor of any publication to show commitment, enthusiasm and editorial insight as reflected by the publication.

Submit three links to three issues published since February 2020. If you have any problems with submitting your work get in touch with us at

Covid-19: Submit your copies here. If you would like to send us a physical copy however, please email for details.

Rules for submission for online publications: Fill in the online application form and include the three issues you are submitting.

All entries for editors must come with a one page profile showing their resources and staff. It should state how many full time staff they have, how many of their staff are paid and if the paper is funded.

Ultimately however, it will be up to the judges on how much influence this will have. It does mean however, that we are working on making the process fairer.

For our full list of Entry Guidelines see here.

Closing date for applications is April 15th 2021. 

Note: Payments for this category must be submitted here.