Since it was announced on Friday that Theresa May was seeking to form a government with the involvement of the Northern Irish DUP, many of their more outlandish policies have come under scrutiny.

Yet in amongst all their opposition to abortion and antipathy toward same-sex marriage there are signs that the party may be compromising some of its more extreme views for the sake of modernising.

It has been an unofficial stance of the DUP since its inception to say that the Pope is the Antichrist. However a spokesperson for the party has announced a recent shift in this attitude.

After entering into key negotiations with Theresa May on Friday with a view to supporting a Tory government, it has since become clear that we may have been wrong on a few points,” said Brian O’Connell, a party representative speaking to the press via a translator.

It’s now apparent that the real Antichrist is in fact Theresa May.”

Mr. O’Connell was pressed as to what led him and his party to come to this conclusion. “Well, our first inclination was when she sprouted horns and rained hot liquid fire down upon the negotiating table, but what really put it to bed was when she confirmed her desire to cut free school lunches. It was then that we knew for certain pure evil reigned in her heart.”

Mr. O’Connell then added that both their parties are “Looking forward to a long and successful partnership in government”.