The ongoing saga between President Trump and the FBI has taken yet another shocking turn.

It has been reported that Donald Trump has dismissed Christopher Wray as head of the FBI, mere days after appointing him.

The move is apparently part of a range of sweeping changes the president has planned for the ostensibly non-partisan organisation.

When I ran for President, I was motivated to do it for many reasons,” declared Mr. Trump in a press conference today. “Chief among them being that I, as it turns out erroneously, believed the FBI was an organisation devoted to ‘Female Body Inspections’ and I wanted to get in on that. This was due to me owning, what transpires to have been, a novelty hat suggesting an alternate purpose for the Federal Bureau of Investigation. And so, I intend to rectify this mistake.”

With that, the president pulled out the cap in question, placed it on his head and announced that the FBI was to be renamed the ‘Female Body Inspectors’ and that he himself was to be its new head.

This will surely only serve to throw his presidency, already mired in scandal, into further disrepute over his seeming ambivalence toward political correctness and basic human decency. However Mr. Trump has apparently hired an advisor to help rectify some of these issues in his public perception.

It’s time for the FBI to evolve. We have to grab change by the p-,” at this point Mr. Trump glanced across at his newly-appointed advisor before continuing, “excuse me, vagina.”