Dear Eli, I think I’ve alienated all my friends and family by posting nothing but “30-day challenges” and “like this tweet for…”, what should I do? – Daniel

Hi Daniel,

Well you’ve gotten yourself into quite the predicament, haven’t you? Do you continue posting obscure showtunes to the dwindling number of followers that still click through your story as a courtesy or do you accept that no one really wants you to tweet anonymously about them anymore?

In short, do it for yourself. Let yourself enjoy the frivolities of life. Challenge the voice in your head that tells you others will have a bad reaction to it. Sure you won’t get the numbers you want on an “Ask me anything” which you strategically uploaded at what you deem to be peak traffic time, but don’t let that discourage from telling the world that you exist and that you have a personality (one that you’ve carefully cultivated based on over-analysing the tiniest changes in body language from your peers). You can’t control other people’s reaction, so let the chips fall where they may.

You’re providing a service. The arts and literature are important and you are merely offering a suggestion to followers on what they should look out for and maybe try themselves. They are the ones that are missing out by shunning you for your devotion to see things through to the end. Maintaining a routine is an admirable quality that keeps us grounded in reality.

As for Twitter, why would anyone be against sharing the serotonin of reminiscing over fond memories? Have they a secret store of happiness that they are hoarding for themselves, or maybe they worry that if they commit to a list of things that remind you of them, you’ll come up short and leave the two of you embarrassed.

So Daniel, the next time you post to social media, ask yourself: Who am I doing this for?