Tv ad’s show Red Rock is becoming a hit with the viewing public. Tv3 have tapped into the lucrative advertisement market by cleverly installing a spurious cop-shop show in the middle of half-hour blocks of ads.

The idea to show advertising with intermittent 30 second installments of a drama set in cop-shop has drawn in plenty of viewership, as Tv3 look to clean the mess up from having it’s soaps taken away.

Tv3 were forced into creating original content after UTV snatched back it’s flagship soaps Coronation Street and Emmerdale, and have decided to make profits the top priority. Unable to bring in any money through TV license charges like RTE, Tv3 are relying on advertisement revenue to draw in the cash.

“It’s like when you were young and your mother used to mash the parsnip in with your spuds so you wouldn’t notice them.” A Tv3 spokesman said.

The long term plan is to make the time slot self sufficient so that Tv3 can begin to make their own original ads, with one-man thinking-tank Martin King to be the main creative influence behind it.