Couple’s Halloween Costumes


Despite the fact that some parts of the country have already witnessed Christmas decorations going up, we mustn’t forget that Halloween is just around the corner. When it comes to Halloween, many of us have lavish dreams of how amazing our costume will be every year, but never actually lift a finger and end up going as a mouse every year. This can be even more difficult if you are part of a couple, or have a BFF, and one person may be left to come up with two costumes. But Halloween is now less than a month away, so if you want to dress to impress this year, now is the time to make up your mind. Here are 8 fun couples’ costumes that can be bought for no hassle at

Monkey & Banana

halloween banana costumesexy banana costume









These are a great match because they go together really well, and yet both costumes are completely different. The best part of this pair is that the monkey can move around the party without standing out too much, but everything the banana does will look ridiculous if the monkey isn’t there. (There’s also the option of this slightly more sexually charged banana costume).

Bacon & Egg

couples halloween costume

Everybody’s favourite breakfast food, or a great way to annoy partygoing vegetarians. Either way, these costumes go great together because they depict something we all love, but the costumes aren’t the exact same. Got a single friend that will be third wheeling? No problem! They can be the fork.

Bananas in Pyjamas

halloween costume

There are always people after any excuse for a 90s throwback, but Halloween is the one time you can do it openly without making people hate you. Bananas in Pyjamas are perfect for this, and the costumes are almost completely identical, which allows you to have a little fun pretending to be your other half.

Big Bird & Elmo

halloween costumeshalloween costumes

Instantly recognizable, dressing as Big Bird & Elmo will mean you won’t spend most of your night explaining what Pop Art is. They’re also two of the most beloved classic children’s icons ever, so there’s a good chance you’ll have loved them growing up.

Various Dwarves

halloween costumecouples costumes

With a wide range of dwarf costumes to choose from, this is a great idea for a costume because it leaves you room to pick which ones best match you. This should only be practiced by those in stable relationships, as you may be asked if you think your partner is more “Dopey” or more “Grumpy”.


couples halloween costumescouples halloween costumes

Superheros are always a classic costume choice, so it makes sense to go in that direction for a couple’s costume. With superheros, there are always plenty of characters to choose from. You can choose to go as, for example Spiderman and Gwen Stacey. Or you could just pick a superhero (Spiderman, Superman, Batman), and then get the female equivalent. There’s always a female equivalent, and Partyworld has a wide range for both men & women.

Kermit & Miss Piggy

couples halloween costumescouples halloween costumes

Despite their highly publicized breakup in the last few months, KermitMiss Piggy are one of Hollywood’s most historical power couples. This could also be perfect if you and your other half have recently or are about to split. We just hope you don’t spark any rumours of reconciliation for the real Piggy & Kermit.

Tigger & Pooh

couples costumescouples costumes

This not only makes a great couple’s costume, Tigger & Pooh costumes double as a fantastic way to tell someone “Sorry, we’re just friends”. A bonus for whoever gets to be Pooh: you can carry a “Hunny” jar around and fill it with drink, food, or perhaps even a healthy snack.


halloween costume willy

Or you could just go as a willy.

For all you Halloween needs, visit Partyworld website or check out their Facebook page.