Winter might be coming to an end, but that’s no reason to throw away the cosy games that kept you going through the cold months. Maybe you’re just coming out of exams, need some serious chill-out, or you’re looking for a cosy game recommendation that isn’t Animal Crossing. I feel you. Hopefully, we can show you some games you haven’t heard of, plus give you an extra boost of confidence to take the leap and purchase some well-known titles.


First on this list is Unpacking. This charming game is the perfect cosy up and pretend to be productive tool. Unpacking’s gameplay is straightforward to pick up, as you’re mainly picking and dropping items as you arrange them around the characters house. This is a seriously easy game to pick up the mechanics, even if you aren’t a massive gamer! As you move from home to home, the story of this beautiful game is filled with ups and downs, looking into identity and independence. If you’re an achievement hunter, this is a satisfying one to search for secrets without tormenting you for hours on end. If you want to check out Unpacking, you can pick it up on Steam, Switch, or Xbox, plus at the moment it’s free on game pass.

Potion Craft

I first saw this game on TikTok, and let me tell you, I am hooked! Play as a potion maker, creating bubbling concoctions for your village with some easy to navigate gameplay. For me, this was one of those games where you sit down, and suddenly five hours have passed by. It really sucks you in, and it’s perfect for chilling out. This simulation game has its challenges when searching for new potions, but overall, its mechanics are really simple. Since this game is still in early access, it’s on the cheaper side on Steam. Plus, this game is already filled with content, with more continuously being added!


Cats. Café. Coffee. Cute. Need I say more? Calico is a café simulator where you have cats, and other cute animals come to your café. Alongside your growing business, you can interact with a wide variety of characters around this adorable forest ridden village. Another feature I really like about this game is the character creator. This sweet game lets you express yourself in a massive variety of ways. Plus, the characters in the game do not refer to the players’ pronouns at any point, so you don’t get pulled out of the fantasy of your little cosy café life. This game is practically the definition of cosy gaming.

That finishes up our list for now, but if you’re still searching for some more ideas, keep an eye out for our next piece on multiplayer chill out games!