Self proclaimed enigma James Franco will release a Smiths inspired album with his band, Daddy, within the next few months. The announcement comes after the jack of all trades irritant hired seminal Smiths bassist Tim O’ Keefe to play on the album with him.

Here’s hoping the album won’t be the musical equivalent of his teeth pulling forays into film making.

The actor, who has more masters degrees than I’ve had Pot Noodles, is set to send eyes rolling with the release.

“Well, I ripped off The Smiths amazing music when I was putting together a book of poetry, so now I’ve got an excuse to put a Smiths knock-off album together, inspired by my inspirational poetry. I’m sure it’ll be as good as the Smiths, I’m James Franco bitch!” the auteur said.

Franco will also be cutting his own ear off within the next few months as a tribute to his hero, Vincent Van Gogh. His latest album is sure to have us doing something similar.