Christmas is nearly here, and if you’re wondering how to enjoy the festivities while also being conscious of your carbon footprint, your Editor is here to help. From eating veggie to reusing wrapping paper, we can all do our bit to support the environment during this festive season.


For a cheap and environmentally- conscious way to gift this season, try DIY! You could make prints, sew tote bags, bake goodies – the options are endless. People often appreciate the care and attention that goes into a homemade gifts, so it’s a win-win!

If you’re not much of a crafter, you could give a gift of a charity donation. Choose something close to the person’s heart, for example:

Adopt a penguin

Plant a tree

Friends of the Earth


If you’re conscious of buying lots of wrapping paper and it all going to waste, why not reuse old newspapers for a more personal, retro feel? You could even collect pieces that relate to the person the present is going to: for example, if your dad is a golf fanatic, you could wrap his gift in articles about golf.

Another option is to reuse the wrapping paper you have. If you buy generic paper and then save it after presents have been opened, you can use it for birthdays all year, reducing waste and saving you money!


We all know that eating veggie is better for the environment, and that can easily be incorporated into your Christmas meal. Check out these delicious recipes that will soon become a staple of your Christmas dinner table:

Vegetarian Stuffing

Nut Roast

Christmas Veg

Shop Local

Reduce those air miles and support local businesses in the process! Check out our articles on small businesses to get some Christmas gift-spiration.

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