Autumn is officially here. Leaves are falling, the nice summer weather has finally disappeared, and the moon hangs for longer in the sky. It’s that time of the year when we swap iced lattes for warm hot chocolates and nurse the never-ending freshers’ flu five weeks into the semester. Christmas selection boxes are already showing up in Tesco, but most of our minds are only thinking about the next big holiday of the year: Halloween. If you love Halloween, or even if the miserable autumn weather is just getting you down, a cosy, spooky movie night is an absolute must. Here are some tips and movie recommendations to make your Halloween movie night the best one yet.

Picking the right movie

Arguably the most important decision for your spooky movie night, the film that you choose sets the tone for what kind of Halloween movie night you’re going to have. 

Looking for something scary? A bunch of horror movie classics are available on Netflix at the moment. Supernatural horrors such as Insidious, Sinister, and The Possession of Hannah Grace are ones to make you sleep with the lights on. Hush is one to make you worry about someone being in your house. Maybe settle for the classic Halloween slasher with Friday the 13th, or even Hostel or Jigsaw for some straightforward gory scenes. 

For something that’s not a straightforward horror, while still fitting with the Halloween vibes, go for something more like a psychological thriller such as Split or Midsommar, or even try Final Destination for some scary suspense. To take the edge of the fright, maybe try a comedy horror, such as Scary Movie or The Babysitter. Throw in a little bit of fantasy and delve into cult classics The Craft and Underworld for an easier-watching themed film choice.

Not a big fan of this type of movie at all, but still want to watch something on theme? Not a problem. There are a huge amount of films that fit right into a cosy spooky movie night without keeping you up all night scared of shadows. Warm Bodies is a surprisingly warm clash between zombies, a challenging-stereotypes storyline, and teen romance. Sticking with monsters that won’t leave you scared, you could even opt for a viewing of your favourite Harry Potter film, or Twilight if vampires are going to be your thing this Halloween. You could even try some kids’ scary movies, like Goosebumps or Monster House, which are both currently available on Netflix. Other scary movies for kids (and also for easily scared adults!) are the amazing Hocus Pocus and Halloweentown!

Picking the right snacks

Snacks are going to be key for your movie night. Classic cinema-type treats are always a safe but great bet when it comes to home movie nights too- think a cold fizzy drink and a bucket of salted popcorn, what more could you ask for? If you’d rather a cosy comfortable vibe (especially to comfort you for all the horror you’re about to experience!) you could always opt for a nice warm hot chocolate, maybe your favourite bar of chocolate, or some ice cream. If you’re hosting a movie night with friends, foods that are easy to share might be your best bet. Maltesers, M&Ms, marshmallows, crisps- anything that can be put in a bowl will work well! If your movie night is themed, consider some Halloween-inspired cocktails and Halloween treats for extra fun.

Picking the right crowd

A cosy movie night with your family, a fun movie night with your friends, and a chill movie night with your significant other all sound like fun, but all definitely carry different tones, so think of what type of movie night you’re looking to have so you can get organised. A completely underrated type of movie night, but one of the most enjoyable at times, is a self-care spookfest with the most important person in your life- yourself! If times don’t work out right with your family and friends, don’t let that ruin your Halloween. Treat yourself to your own movie night and embrace the spooky holiday yourself.

Picking the right time

If you’re someone who gets spooked easily, maybe have an earlier movie night if planning on watching a scarier movie so you have time to watch something lighter afterward. If you love the horror genre and fear absolutely nothing but are dying for that fun jump scare moment, then pick a later time when it’s dark and quiet outside to maximise the scare factor.

As well as this, if you’re busy on Halloween, that’s no problem! A spooky movie night doesn’t have to be on Halloween, but can be a really fun way to get excited for the holiday before it happens, or even a fun event to say goodbye to Halloween a couple of days after.

Picking the right clothes/outfit

For a cosy, comfy movie night, make sure you’re wearing cosy comfy pyjamas! Any comfy pyjamas or leisure wear will do, just wear what makes you feel most comfortable to sit and watch some films in. Blankets are also a good idea for keeping you warm and providing only the comfiest of autumn movie night vibes, as well as doubling as a face shield if need be. Of course, bonus points are always given for Halloween-themed cosy socks.

Themed Halloween movie nights could also be a fun idea to consider. Movies like Rocky Horror Picture Show can be a great excuse to combine a Halloween movie night with a Halloween costume party. This can pretty much work for any movie of your choosing, as long as your guests have also seen it!

And lastly, enjoy yourself

There’s something to be said for a night inside, in the comfort of your own home, while it’s chilly outside with a hot drink and a blanket in your lap. And adding Halloween to the mix? Even better. Sit back, try to relax if you’re watching a horror film, and enjoy the feeling of autumn.